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Style SavvyEdit

Style Savvy is a Fashion Simulation Game for the Nintendo DS. It was originally made and released in Japan under the name Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (わがままファッション ガールズモード). It is known in the PAL region under the name Nintendo presents: Style Boutique.

Players own a boutique in which they play the role of a new manager working in a fashion boutique. Here, players (using the map) can travel to one of 8 (or sometimes 9) locations in their town, customize their shop and interact with customers. Events of working in the boutique culminate into a climax as players can enter 'Fashion Competitions' (up to an International level) and be featured in magazines . Additionally, there are over 10,000 buyable items in the game which one may choose to collect and players may also notice a growing relationship between their avatar and the boutique's business owner Dominic .

There is also a Style Savvy: Trendsetters wikia that is currently in the process of being added information. The information is exclusive to the second game, and it can be found here.

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