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Renée is your colleague at Strata and eventually your own store. She is of Hispanic heritage.

During your first meeting, she acts quite standoffish, impolite, and rude, but once she warms up to you, you two become great friends. She has a crush on Dominic and becomes a little jealous when you talk to him, but she hasn't let anything get too far.

Renée has lots of faith in you and roots for you in International Contests.

She sometimes gives advice to you from her experience working in boutiques. She says her special skill is that she can eat more pancakes than anyone she knows.

Olivia says "even though Renée can be stubborn, I've known her for years and she has a heart of gold " so we learn that Olivia is a close friend of Renée.

Renée also appears in the sequel, and occasionally visits your boutique, at first with Grace and then later by herself. She also references your previous character, mentioning that she hasn't seen her a lot recently, as she is very busy.