Every day at the Buyer's Center, an Exclusive Item is featured for sale. That item is only available for purchase throughout that particular day.

Exclusive Items

Masquerade logo

The Exclusive Item of the day is not picked randomly. Every day of the year corresponds to a different item, and the item is always the same on that day.

The Masquerade shop only opens when it has the Exclusive Item. These days are:

1 Feb (Sweet Girl; Rain Boots),

27 Feb (Maid; Top),

1 April (Sailor; Skirt),

16 April (Ninja; Over-Knee Socks) ,

27 April (Ninja; Miniskirt) ,

4 June (Cat; Paw Rain Boots) ,

16 June (Ninja; Studded Gloves) ,

24 July (Classic Doll; Bow) ,

5 Sep (Classic Doll; Blouse) ,

11 Sep (Maid; Blouse) ,

24 Sep (Cowgirl; Dress Shirt),

2 Oct (Cowgirl; Miniskirt) ,

19 Oct (Cat; Tail-Hem Shirt) ,

10 Nov (Cat; Paw Gloves) ,

18 Nov (Rose Princess; Top) ,

30 Nov (Cowgirl; Hat) ,

15 Dec (Rose Princess; Shoes) ,

24 Dec (Sweet Girl; Gloves) ,

25 Dec.(Sweet Girl; Shorts) .

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