Eunice is a maid who works at Dominic's Mansion. She can be a bit crazy and is sometimes a bit short-tempered and easily irritable.

Eunice's uptight and worrisome nature leads her an antiquated air. She takes her job as Dominic's maid very seriously, and doesn't seem to like it when other women visit the mansion.

Visits to your boutique Edit

It is very rare for Eunice to come to your boutique, however if she is working at Dominic's Mansion on a day your player is working at the boutique, an easy way to get her to come is to collect all the items of the Maid Outfit (Silver Contest) and wear the outfit to your store (don't forget to also put on some stockings, matt leather shoes/mary-janes and a pair of glasses-these don't have to be the same as Eunice's).

Eunice may also come to your boutique at certain points of the year.

Eunice will often ask for an item to match her glasses. Eunice will take any item that you recommend.

Eunice has a somewhat low budget so be careful to select something within her budget.

Dominic Edit

It is hinted that Eunice may have a crush on Dominic.  

When she comes to your boutique as a customer, her profile states: Respects Godfrey. As for Dominic.. 

So it remains ambiguous as to whether she likes Dominic, however from her interactions with your character, one can surmise that she indeed has feelings for Dominic. 

Eunice may stop by with a somewhat larger budget, asking for an outfit for a special occasion, which she claims that the outfit will impress a special person after the purchase is made, but will run off before continuing her sentence. "Thank you very much [insert name here]! I'm positive this beautiful outfit will surely impress my dearest, special... Nevermind! You didn't hear that last part! Thank you and goodbye.".

Eunice can also come by around the time of Valentines' Day, asking for 'fashionable garments' for "the season of courting", stating that "who knows..maybe, if I wear this on that special someone special will...Nevermind! I'm in your debt! Goodbye!".  

Rumour has it that if you serve Eunice many times and if she grows to like you, she will ask you if you want to go on a date with Dominic, acting as a possible matchmaker. 

Some players have also claimed that Eunice may come to your store, she will talk about Dominic and say something hinting to an approval of you as a possible match for Dominic and say she will come back in one month, it is unknown what happens when she comes back or if she even does.

However this, along with many cheats are unconfirmed and often disputed/disregarded as the player has limited control over interactions with other characters. 

Other Edit

Her Japanese name is Yukino which means "like snow".