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An Alvarado (Ch) Jacket

Alvarado sells the most expensive items in the game, with the exception of some items by Masquerade. Unlike Masquerade, Alvarado is relatively easy to find and is quite a popular brand.

Alvarado tends to be referred to as "refined" or "high-end" by customers.

The description in the Buyer's Center/Exhibition Hall is:

Luxuriously celeb-chic, red carpet fashion

Alvarado is a good brand choice for compiling outfits within those concepts:

  • Career Chic
  • Red Carpet Glam
  • Cultivated Cool
  • Positively Posh

Characters such as Grace and Renee have items of their principle outfits of the Alvarado brand.

The name 'Alvarado' seems to be a play on the fabled city 'El Dorado' meaning 'The Golden'

In the Japanese version of the game, the brand is simply called "Ch"


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